Adults area

The area for adults includes the following slides and attractions:


A closed slide made on the principle of free-fall slides. Here, however, after speeding up high enough, you fall into a huge, top-open, round ‘ball’ / ‘bowl’, on whose walls you continue to spin at high speed. Once your speed drops, you fall into the pool under the ‘ball’. Unique fun – extremely spectacular and exotic!

Minimum height – 1.50 m



An open spiral slide – again for the lovers of strong emotions! The multiple turns and the high speed guarantee huge doses of laughter and adrenaline!

Minimum height – 1.30 m


Raft slide

An open straight and wide slide. Going down on this slide is necessarily done with rings. Here, for more emotion, you could go down together with a friend or with your loved one – special rings for two people are also available.

Minimum height – 1.30 m



The fastest and most extreme water slide in the whole aquapark! It is the favourite slide to high adrenaline lovers! The speed at which you are shot off from a height of 7 m is 60 km/h.

Minimum height – 1.30 m


Lazy river

Everyone needs a break from the adrenaline rush and strong feelings! The slow river is 140 meters long and meanders around the entire aquapark. It brings a unique feeling of calmness and freshness, while at the same time you may enjoy all emotions of the ringing laughter around you.

Minimum height – 0.90 m